Signing Up for Renewable Electricity


As noted in the book Drawdown, the 3rd most impactful thing an individual can do to reduce global warming is to use rooftop solar for your electrical needs. Not all of us can afford a rooftop array, but all of us can switch our energy provider to one that uses 100% renewable energy, largely taken from solar farms (6th best way to reduce global warming) and wind electricity generation (2nd best large-scale fix). Not only will such a switch help you to benefit our planet, but in some cases, you might actually be paying LESS for electricity than you are now (renewable energy has become much more competitive)! It takes less than 10 mins to switch your electricity provider to a 100% renewable provider, so please do so as soon as possible. Our planet and our loved ones will thank you for doing so!

Specific Instructions for How to Sign up for Renewable Electricity (using AEP as an example)

  • Go to web site (can also link to this through UUCA Stewardship of the Earth web site):
  • Choose “Residential” pull down menu and click on your electric supplier (Ohio Edison for most in Akron area)
  • Scroll down to “Renewable content” pull down menu (on left of page) and click on 76-100% in the pull down options
  • Click on “Filter Results”
  • Click on small red triangle next to $/KWh (header of the column showing price per kilowatt hour)
  • Decide if you prefer a fixed or variable rate. Variable rate may be lower, but would need frequent monitoring for rate increases
  • Look for “AEP Energy Inc” (Note: you can pick any option you want-I picked AEP)
  • In the column labelled “Supplier”, look for the red “sign up” under the description for AEP Energy Inc (or under the description of whichever supplier you would like to choose). Click on “sign up”
  • [Note: from this point forward, the directions below are specific to AEP Energy]
  • Click on your energy provider (most likely Ohio Edison)
  • Click on “Show Plans”
  • Look for the plan noting “Renewable Energy” ($0.0555/KWh; 2nd choice from left on my screen)
  • Click on “Select Plan”
  • Click on “Next” in the lower right corner of screen
  • Input your specific information (Note: you will need a copy of your current electric bill)
  • At the bottom of page, click on both “agreements” under “Review Your Agreement”
  • Click on “Complete Enrollment”
  • You’re done! Keep the “Confirmation Code” for future reference (I printed out the page with that code on it)