2017 Strategic Plan for UUCA on Stewardship of the Earth

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron affirms the 7th principle of Unitarian
Universalism, “Respect for the Interdependent Web of Existence, of which we are a
part.” Understanding that we as a species have an abysmal environmental record, we
understand the imperative to lead, act, and speak on behalf of stewardship of the Earth.
We therefore set the following goals:

  •  Make our building & grounds more environmentally-friendly.
    • Review, revise and update our building’s energy audit.
    • Update and implement the Comprehensive Grounds Plan (include unmowed
      areas as well as native plantings).
    • Complete at least one major capital improvement from the energy audit that
      will make our building & grounds more energy efficient and
    • Create an Environmental Implementation Task Force to oversee these goals
      (members to be appointed by the board of trustees).
  • Increase awareness and action within the congregation around our environmental

    • Fully integrate environmental activism into worship, religious education
      and church communications, including the website, social media, weekly
      emails, etc.
  • Undertake a broad-based effort to educate and advocate for a radical new vision of
    stewardship of the Earth.

    • Create a wide-ranging program of environmental education and political
      activism for church members and the wider community.
    • Establish key partnerships with local (e.g., the Sierra Club) and national
      (e.g., Natural Resources Defense Council and Union of Concerned
      Scientists) organizations to inform best practices for our environmental