Welcome to the web pages for the Unitarian/Universalist Church of Akron’s Stewardship of the Earth endeavors!  This page is just starting, but we will add links and notifications over time. The two below links are to our updated blog posts and to the 80 ideas for how to stop global climate change, taken from the book Drawdown. The latter will be updated regularly with ideas for how to best combat global warming.

  • Blog Posts – updates posted by the Stewardship of the Earth Communications Committee

  • Drawdown links – 80 ways to actively reduce global warming

Here is the link to the recent IPCC report on global warming (scary read) – Oct 12, 2018

New York Magazine article on the IPCC report (for the shorter, yet still very scary read) – Oct 10, 2018

YOU can have renewable electricity!  If you would like to choose an electric supplier that only uses 100% renewable energy, please go to our point-by-point Instruction Page to figure out how to sign up! You will need a copy of your current electric bill to sign up. After signing up, please let the Stewardship of the Earth group know you’ve made the switch so we can measure our progress as a congregation.  It’s that easy to make a big difference in your carbon footprint and support the development of renewable energy.

Solar Panels for UUCA!  We are working on getting solar panels to generate electricity from the sunshine already falling on our roof, offsetting 13 metric tons of CO2 per year.  Learn more about the system we are proposing here: Solar for UUCA

Plant Based Diet Cookbook! Looking for a plant based recipe?  Check out this plant based cookbook compiled from recipes provided by UUCA members from our potlucks. (note: updated following September 2019 potluck)